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Since 1988 we have been producing very high quality coffees in the heart of Minas Gerais state and along this trajectory, we have improved our work and adopted the best sustainability practices and respect for people and the environment.

In addition, with great care and relying on an craft production system from the crop to the cup, we do our best to ensure that our coffees stand out both in the domestic and foreign markets and we are very proud of all the awards we have already won in some of the main quality contests worldwide.

We are sure that our product really stands out for its extremely different aromas and flavors. So, with great pride, we invite you to try and testify the quality of our coffee! Enjoy!

who we are

family and history

Sr. Zico Vinhal

Lázaro Vinhal or “Seu Zico Vinhal” - Charismatic figure and very kind to everyone, he was the one who back in the 80's literally planted with his own hands the first seeds of this history. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, but he undoubtedly left a great legacy and the values ​​that guide our family and our businesses.

Afonso Vinhal

Afonso Vinhal - In a few words, “THE” man who really makes everything happen. "Seu Zico´s" son, since the beginning of our activity he has been responsible for the daily activities in the fields and in the warehouse. As we say here in Brazil, he is the one carrying the piano in all our management and making all the gears of the business turn in sync. The relentless pursuit of excellence is what guides his every step, both at work and in personal life.

Marcelia R. Vinhal

Authentic woman, her trademarks are contagious joy and high spirits! Afonso's wife, she is the heart of the family; who guarantees love and unity at home and at work. While produceing our craft coffees, she is responsible for the most thorough manual processes when we are preparing our most selected microlots. She takes care of the coffee that reaches you literally from grain to grain!

Rafael Vinhal

Eldest son of Afonso and Marcelia. Being better every day in all aspects of his life is what marks his path. In 2012, he was responsible for the certification of the properties and for the implementation of the post-harvest structure aiming at the production of differentiated microlots. Today, living in São Paulo, he takes care of all matters related to the “Vinhal Cafés Artesanais” brand and our commercial development. Ahhh, and of course, he's addicted to coffee!!!

Lucas Vinhal

Youngest son of Marcelia and Afonso, his "system is crude, rustic and systematic” (as we use to say here in Brazil LOL) Even taking care of all our cattle and horse breeding, he finds time to help a lot in coffee growing. He absolutely loves being in touch with nature.

Michel & Alair

Employees at Recanto and Estrela Farms, these two men are the ones who “have the keys of the gates” and who face sun, rain and cold in the fields all year round to ensure that everything is fine with each coffee tree. Michel was literally our 001 record in HR, so he's been with us for over 30 years, and Alair has joined the team for almost 10 years.


We higly value strong partnerships and our employees always become great friends. By recognizing their job, we thank everyone who helps us or have helped us in some way! Without you, we would not definitely get anywhere!

Sustainability and outstanding quality are our main focus

Our properties - Farms Recanto and Estrela - have 3 different independent Certifications, 2 international and one national: Rainforest Alliance, with headquarters in the USA, 4C (Common Code of the Coffee Community), from Germany and Certifica Minas, ran by the Minas Gerais state. To achieve and maintain these certifications, we need to comply with a series of standards regarding issues such as environmental conservation and sustainable production, good social practices and working conditions, an efficient management and control system for the entire production chain and, of course , full compliance with all current legislation. Thus, we periodically receive audits on farms to validate the fulfillment of more than one hundred evaluation criteria.

In addition, we are proud members of BSCA - Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association - which mission´s is to "increase recognition of Brazilian specialty coffees both inside Brazil and around the world for their high quality and diversity, offering consumers a unique experience".


We are very proud of all the quality awards we have won throughout our history.

The main ones are listed bellow:

2019/2020 Crop - Champion - Pulped Natural - Expocaccer

2019/2020 Crop - 2nd Place - Pulped Natural - Cerrado Mineiro Region

2019/2020 Crop - 3rd Place - Pulped Natural - Expocaccer

2018/2019 Crop - 5th Place - Coffee of the Year Brasil Contest - International Coffee Week

2018/2019 Crop - 10th Place - Coffee of the Year Brasil Contest - International Coffee Week

2018/2019 Crop - 13th Place - Coffee of the Year Brasil Contest - International Coffee Week

2018/2019 Crop - 2nd Place - Pulped Natural - EMATER / MG Coffee Quality Contest - Minas Gerais State

2018/2019 Crop - 2nd Place - Natural - EMATER / MG Coffee Quality Contest - Minas Gerais State

2018/2019 Crop - 3rd Place - Pulped Natural - EMATER / MG Coffee Quality Contest - Minas Gerais State

2017/2018 Crop - 18th place - Pulped Natural - Cerrado Mineiro Region

2016/2017 Crop - 7th Place - Pulped Natural - Cerrado Mineiro Region

2016/2017 Crop - 13th Place - Pulped Natural - Cerrado Region Mineiro

2015/2016 Crop - 3rd Place - Natural - Cerrado Mineiro Region

2014/2015 Crop - 3rd Place - Pulped Natural - EMATER / MG Coffee Quality Contest - Minas Gerais State

2013/2014 Crop - 10th place - Natural - Cerrado Mineiro Region

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